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    Compact Low Speed Centrifuge

    BKC-TL4CII - suitable for 5/7/10ml Vacuum Tube

    BKC-TL4CII centrifuge is a table top low speed centrifuge with low speed. It is suitable for the separation of blood samples in clinical laboratory, laboratory, beauty salon, dental hospital, etc.


    * With dedicated CGF program.

    * Small size, safe and reliable, easy to use.

    * The body is made of high quality plastic material, explosion-proof protection.

    * 10 kinds of lifting speed to choose from, the lifting speed is fast.

    * Brushless DC motor, stable operation, small vibration, low noise.

    * Push-button programming design, real-time display of operating parameters, more intuitive operation.

    * Can set the centrifugal speed, time, speed up and down gear, and check the centrifugal force at any time.

    * Ultra-low noise, microcomputer control, intelligent interface, fault display, door cover, overspeed and other automatic protection functions.

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    • Max. Capacity: 8*20ml
    • Max. speed rpm: 4000
    • Max. RCF (xg): 1880
    • Dimensions (mm): w370*d270*h210
    • Weight without rotor: 10kg

    Optional Rotors and Accessories available
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