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    Ultra Low Temp. Upright Freezers (-15ºC~-40ºC)

    H-DW-40L28 | H-DW-40L58 | H-DW-40L108 | H-DW-40L158 | H-DW-40L208 | H-DW-40L308 | H-DW-40L408 | H-DW-40L508 | H-DW-40L608 | H-DW-40L708 | H-DW-40L808 | H-DW-40L938

    Labec supplies a full range of Ultra Low Freezers in upright and chest style configurations. These units use low power to maintain the temperatures due to 90mm of high density insulation. Units are fitted with alarms which indicate by flashing display and sounding buzzer. A communications port is fitted for connection to your alarm monitoring system. These freezers are available with racks and boxes to suit your requirements.

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    • Available in 12 Models
    • Temp. Min: -40°C
    • Temp. Max: -15°C
    • Capacity (L): 28 ~ 938
    • Power (W): 350 ~ 1700
    • Weight (kg): 64 ~ 320

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