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    Large Capacity Furnaces (+1200ºC)

    BF 64/12 | BF 92/12 | BF 125/12 | BF 216/12 | BF 512/12


    LABEC Large Capacity Box Furnaces are manufactured with high quality materials for easy maintenance and excellent durability.

    The double skinned fan cooled construction keeps the exterior body cool at high temperatures and provides excellent stability. The furnace features two layers of ceramic fibre insulation for excellent thermal stability.

    Designed to suit applications such as mechanical testing apparatus. The furnace features light weight ceramic fibre insulation which enables rapid thermal cycling and heating is by electric elements

    The door is held firmly closed with side locking latches and has a safety cut off when the door is opened during operation.

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    • Available in 5 Models (+1200°C)
    • Capacity (L): 64 | 92 | 125 | 216 | 512
    • Temp. Max: +1200°C
    • Temp. Setting Accuracy: 1°C
    • Temp. Fluctuation: ±5°C/±3°C
    • Temp. Sensor: Type K
    • Heating System: Electric Element

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