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    High-Speed Centrifuge – Tabletop (1600-1850 Series)

    BKC-TH16E | BKC-TH18I

    BKC-TH16E and BKC-TH18I are suitable for medical, bio-pharmaceutical, agricultural science, environmental protection and other scientific research units, university laboratories.

    BKC-TH16E Features:
    * With instant centrifugal function

    * A variety of rotors are available to match different experimental need

    * 20 kinds of running programs can be stored, and 15 kinds of lifting speed can be selected

    * Multi-stage shock absorption protection, small vibration, to ensure the best centrifugal effect

    * Embedded microprocessor control, DC brushless motor drive, smooth operation

    *Centrifugal speed, time, and speed can be set

    * It has multiple protection functions and perfect fault alarm functions, and has alarm reminders such as door cover inter lock, overspeed, unbalance protection, etc

    BKC-TH18I Features:

    * Two-stage shock absorption.

    * OLED screen display, speed, time, centrifugal force, speed, centrifugal time intuitive display.

    * Embedded microcomputer processor for precise control.

    * Intelligent induction door lock, emergency unlock function and overspeed, imbalance protection.

    * DC brushless motor, no dust pollution, maintenance-free.

    * The body adopts high quality steel, the middle layer is equipped with explosion-proof protective sleeve, built-in stainless steel ventricle, three layers of protection, safe and reliable.

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    • Max. Capacity: 12*10ml | 6*50ml
    • Max. speed rpm: 16,000 | 18,500
    • Max. RCF (xg): 20,878 | 23,990
    • Dimensions (mm): w465*d305*h305 | w510*d360*h300
    • Weight without rotor: 27kg | 39kg


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