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    Heating Mantles – Multi Kjeldahl Extraction Heaters

    M-KJL-6100 to M-MUH-4500

    (Up to +750°C)

    The Multi Heating Apparatus offers such versatility that is suitable for many laboratory purposes: extractions, distillations, digestions, evaporation etc. The 4-6 separate heat controls allow the heaters to be used for several different projects or multiple runs of the same project. The Multi Heating Apparattus in conjuction with inter-changable top mould for round botton flasks – solves the most varied heating problems.

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    Available in 4 models
    M-KJL Series – Multi Unit Macro Kjeldahl Apparatus
    • 4 Positions
    • 6 Positions
    M-MUH Series – Multi Position Round Top Extraction Heater
    • 4 Positions
    • 6 Positions

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