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    Cryostat Microtome


    This cryostat microtome is used in conventional histology and Mohs surgery, and represents a cost effective method for obtaining high-quality tissue sections in a fast, simple and efficient way. This machine is a rapid pathological section instrument for human and animal body tissues. It can be widely used for pathological diagnosis analysis and research in hospitals and research institutes.

    Reliability and Key Features include specimen retraction function to protect the specimen from blade damage, a trimming button for easy switching between trim and sectioning mode, reaches sectioning temperature within 30 minutes when engaging the fast cooling mode, large size quick-freezing shelfs allows for preparation of 26 specimens simultaneously, option for time defrost or manual defrost, and chamber, freezing shelf, blade and specimen holders are all cooled independently from a double compressor system.

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    • Section Thickness Range: 1-100 um adjustable
      1-20 um increment : 1 um
      20-40 um increment :2 um
      10-100 um increment :5 um
    • Trimming Thickness Range: 10-400 um adjustable 
      10-50 um increment : 5 um 
      20-100 um increment :10 um 
      100-400 um increment :50 um
    • Specimen Retraction: 0-80 um adjustable , increment :5 um
    • Maximum Specimen Size: 40x50mm
    • Horizontal Stroke: 20mm
    • Vertical Stroke: 60mm
    • Freezing Chamber Temperature:  -10 ℃ to -40 ℃ adjustable
    • Specimen Head Temperature: -10 ℃ to -40 ℃ adjustable
    • Specimen Head Rotary Angle: X- axis , Y-axis :12 ° Z-axis :360 °
    • Freezing Shelf:  Minimum freezing shelf temperature :- 45 ℃, Number of freezing station :26
    • Peltier: Minimum Peltier shelf temperature :- 60 ℃, Number of freezing station :2 , Working time to reach -60 ℃ : 15 min
    • External Dimensions (WDH): 660*640*1150 mm
    • Weight: 160kg


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