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    Blast Freezer (Quick Freezer)


    Labec blast freezers are widely used in the food processing field like marine and agricultural products as well as fluid bags and metal and semiconductor industry. The food processing industry or high quality agricultural or marine products require increased freshness by making the product go through the ice crystal zone quickly within 30~50 minutes.

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    • Capacity (L): 558
    • Materials: (In/Out) Stainless Steel SUS-304
    • Temperature Performance: -40°C (ambient temp. 30°C)
    • Core sampling freezing range: 0°C ~ -5°C / from 30°C to / 25 ~ 55 min
    • Defrost Time: 30 min (Heat up from -40°C to +30°C)
    • Heater: 1.2Kw x 240V – 2 sets +30°C fixed for defrost, +125°C cut-off
    • H.T.C.S: Over heat protector +50°C ~ +320°C
    • Insulation: High Density polyurethane form 100mm ~ 150mm
    • Refrigerant: Non CFC
    • Refrigeration: Two stage cascade system
    • Compressor FAN: Hermetic compressor 3HP x 3sets (or 2 sets)
    • Compressor: 16W x 3ES IS-4425YSB
    • Condenser: Water cold condenser
    • Evaporator: (1100 x 200 x 150) x 2 set
    • Water Supply: 18L/Min
    • Weight: 620kg

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